Why Supplement?

Ideally most of our micronutrients, vitamins and minerals will be sourced from a healthy diet.
There are however situations in life where we will need to consider a little support

– When deficiencies are detected on our
annual micronutrient status
– When we up our physical activities
– Pregnant women
– Due to food intolerance’s
– Vegetarians and Vegans
– People who fast

– To strengthen immunity
– When we take medication
– When we suffer from health conditions
– When we are confronted by stress
– When we get older
– When we recover from illness
– To achieve best possible wellbeing

Why Biogena?

Biogena Austria accommodates the largest research team in the sectorand collaborates with prestigious partners in research groups, laboratories and treatment centres.

Biogena is committed to the pure substance principle and clean labelling. The quality promise enables and guarantees optimum tolerability and high bioavailability.

Biogena strictly avoids unnecessary additives such as synthetic colourings, emulsifiers, binding and separating agents, preservatives and synthetic coating agentsand doping substances.

Biogena supplements are free from allergens*, lactose*, fructose** and gluten*, which makes them highly suitable for people who are particularly sensitive or who have allergies and food intolerances.

Every batch from Biogena is subjected to strictest quality controls by the independent German LEFO institute –this is to absolutely ensure no impurities, pesticides, heavy metals etc.can sneak in.

Biogena products are produced by people for people, instead of by fully automated machines, and have the high quality promised ‘Made in Austria’.

Biogena has been ISO 22000 certified since 2009 and thus meets all the high food safety requirements of a responsible company. 


What supplements do i need?

I am a certified micronutrient coach, trained to consult you which supplementation will be indicated to support your health and lifestyle.

If you are not an existent client yet, please book a first consultation to understand your current health status, goals and needs.

how to order? 


If you order via my website you won’t pay any more but you will help to support my business – THANK YOU!

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