The Process

All treatment plans are bespoke keeping health goals and health status in mind.


Step 1
Make Appointment

Please allow enough lead time, particularly if you want to fast at a particular time of year, as certain times are very popular, e.g. January.

Step 2
Lead Food Log

Once you have your appointment I will send you a template to lead a food log to be led for at least 6 days and it should include a full weekend.

Send alongside symptom questionnaire at least 72 hours ahead of first consultation.

Symptom questionnaire and client form will be provided once appointment is made.

Step 3
First Consultation

During your first consultation we discuss your health status, the health history back to your childhood, your internal and external environment, health goals and – in case you would like to fast – the purpose of the fast.

In addition we look at food preferences as well as eating and movement patterns. We will discuss your fasting experience. This will help to understand which programme length would be required to start working on your health goals and whether and/ or which fast and length would be suitable to support your health goals.

Allow 60-90 minutes.

Pricing: Please see

Step 4
Bespoke Plan

After your first consultation I create a bespoke plan for you to support you with your health goals.

It can include an

– intermittent and/ or extended fast (if health allows)
– a functional health coaching programme (minimum 3 months)
– a combination of both

Step 5
Start Bespoke Plan and or Chosen Fast

Your functional health coaching programme will be fully tailored to you and your health goals.

Every month, I’ll provide you with

– 2x 50 min sessions
– Personalised focus points
– Email support between the sessions (48 hour TAT)
– Occasional seasonal recipes
– Natural health proposals
– Incorporated intermittent fasting times (if health allows)
– Lifestyle modification where required
– Ongoing motivational support

In case we decide on an extended fast for you please consider that we need time

– To prepare you  Preparation time depends on your habits (e.g. coffee, alcohol, sugar etc. and can be up to two weeks)
The actual fast which is type of fast dependent between 5-14 days
The post fast build-up 

Important is to understand that e.g. a 10 day fast does not only take 10 days but you need to include preparation and build up time. 

If you are a business traveller, I recommend to remain home based for the entire time of your fast or at least for the actual fast and build-up time.

* Monthly payment possible upon agreement.

We ask that you give us 48 hours notice (2 working days) for cancellations. Any missed appointments (no shows) or late cancellations (made less than 1 working day before time slot) will be charged in full and not credited towards another appointment later that day or week.
Appointments that are cancelled before 48 hours may be rescheduled within the same day/week/month, based on availability.

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