Fasting mimicking diet

The FMD from Prof. Dr. Valter D. Longo is a 5 days dietary programme scientifically developed and clinically tested at the University of California Longevity Institute and School of Medicine, one of the leading centres for research on ageing and longevity.

The meal programme consists of proprietary plant-based soups, bars, drinks, snacks, teas and supplement formula tablets – all designed to maximise the protective effects related to fasting, while providing micronutrient nourishment (vitamins, minerals and essential dietary components). The programme covers 5 consecutive days.

Only one build-up day will need to be added after the programme.


The benefits include

 Preserves lean body mass

Loss of excess bodyweight

Removes damaged cells and tissues

Self repair through cellular regeneration and rejuvination


Positive lifestyle impact 

Increased energy levels & improved vitality

Controlled food consumption

Healthy glowing skin

The ability to make healthier choice  

This programme is particularly interesting for those clients who can not have a holiday but still want to give their body a rest or have a busy schedule of business trips ahead and little opportunity to always nurture their body in a healthy way. It is also particularly popular with first time fasters!

The price is £200 and everything is being taken care of in terms of nourishment for 5 days.

Fasting doesn’t get easier than that!

What do people say about fmd?

Today is day 5 – I feel really motivated and most importantly I am seeing the results. Thanks for suggesting the FMD! I have been taking the meals to the office which has been very convenient and I am already thinking when I can do my next FMD!

Jose, Fasting Mimicking Diet

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