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Discuss your home guided fast, one of my health coaching programmes or individual motivational sessions between your packages.

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Always travelling for business, having extended business hours or not living in London?

All sessions can be done online via Skype -> I am sure we can find a time to focus on your health that will work for you.

Check the pantry & food shopping

Are you unsure whether the food that is in your pantry is actually helpful to your health and supports your weight loss goals? Feeling overwhelmed when going to the supermarket of what to choose that will make you feel well, alert, and will help you to enjoy life to the fullest?

I am here to help!


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Appointments can be easily booked by contacting me, but if you have anything you would like to discuss with us prior to booking, get in touch on +44 (0)7747 303 838 or at or alternatively book a free 15 minute call below and I’ll get back to you asap!

corporate wellness/corporate incentives

Having worked in the corporate world for 23 years I know about 60-90 hour weeks and intensive business travelling all to well.

I work with your restaurant manager on healthy, affordable dishes to boost your employees wellbeing, consult on meeting snacks provided, talk about how to integrate fasting in the daily work life helping to bolster brain health and agility, how to nurture your body on business trips and avoid gaining weight during times abroad.

I support companies that care about the wellbeing of their employees and help them to a healthy moving lunch break, featuring smoveys.

hire me as a coach for your retreat/spa

Choose between Buchinger/ Luetzner or Alkaline fasting and hire a trained and certified fasting coach for your retreat to provide responsible 24×7 guidance for your guests. Check in on more information on the different fasts on the Fasting or FAQ tab on the navigation menu.

Use the healing properties of water during smoveyAQUA therapy and make use of your pool to offer this popular Austrian therapeutic therapy to your guests.

in search for a speaker on the topic of fasting, health and wellbeing? 

I am an expert in short fasts like early time restricted feeding and other forms of intermittent fasting, and I am trained in prolonged fasting (Alkaline and Buchinger/ Luetzner method). As a health coach I also speak on the topic of competent nutrition and primary food and how you can reach and maintain an entirely new sense of wellbeing when combining fasting, competent nutrition & movement and other primary food.

Want to try a therapeutic health and wellness device?

Smovey is an Austrian training device, developed and recommended by physiotherapists, fitness trainers, energeticians, neurologists, doctors and TCM medicine that enables a varied training and therapy programme.
At work, indoors or in nature – exercising with Smovey is the one daily practise that will actually stick with you as it is so much fun and you will feel and see the development of your body! Check in for for more information by clicking on smovey on the navigation bar.


feedback I have received 

Sonia is a very supportive and a dedicated person. She helped me to understand how to be healthy and how to keep my weight on a good & healthy range. It wasn’t easy at the beginning because I wanted to lose weight quickly. Sonia made me aware than being healthy was the first step and the rest will follow… I trusted her, and the results are amazing! I have no stomach pain anymore, I am healthy and conscious about my food choices and I am doing dinner cancelling 3 or 4 times per week! The biggest tangible change is that I have managed to lose 8.5kg. I tried other methods before and it never worked. My coach Sonia changed my lifestyle and I will always be grateful!

Nina, Bespoke Plan

I have lost over 10 kg as a result of my fast and, perhaps more importantly, I know will lead a more disciplined/healthy lifestyle following the fast. Spending my vacation fasting has actually been a lot of fun!

Alexander, Dinner Cancelling and Buchinger/Luetzner Fast

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