Fasting is a natural state of human life in which your body is capable of living on inner nutrition and internal control.

As a practice, fasting has an impact on your entire being, on each individual cell of your body, as well as on your soul and your mind.

Fasting for the healthy provides the best opportunity for you to stay in shape or get back in shape, as well as a strong impulse to change your lifestyle, if this is necessary.

We recommend two different types of fasting: Buchinger/ Luetzner fasting and alkaline fasting


The benefits of fasting


Opening and sensitisation of your senses

Mobilises your body’s defence mechanism

Dewaters and cleanses your body

Relieves your digestive organs

Can help prevent chronic and acute disease

Reduces your bodyweight and supports improving your BMI


Natural anti-ageing – helps prohibit the signs of premature ageing

A way to beautiful skin

Tightening of the connective tissue

Clear, sparkling eyes

Healthy hair and nails

Lean features


Improved vitality

Re-collection of energy

Increased Serotonin levels

Improved sleeping patterns

Decreases mind chatter

Inner strength and focus


Strong impulse for a life style change and better eating habits

Regain the ability to eat moderately and sensible and to know when you are ‘full’

Helps to let old habits pass and to open yourself to new things

Supports rest and peace

Find your midst and live in the present

What do people say about fasting?

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since working with Sonia is that I stopped drinking coffee and consequently also stopped smoking. I am calmer since and in spite of turbulence in my life I am now committed not to break my new healthy habits!

Alessandro, Alkaline Fast

I have lost over 10 kg as a result of my fast and, perhaps more importantly, I know will lead a more disciplined/healthy lifestyle following the fast. Spending my vacation fasting has actually been a lot of fun!

Alexander, Dinner Cancelling an Buchinger/Luetzner Fast

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