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Allow me to disclose the downside of those fancily priced ashrams, spas and well-being retreats (funny no one calls them ‘fat farms’ any more): it’s impossible to live up to them when back in the real world. I’m not doing them down – I’ve learnt a lot from them – but not being able to stick with something sets you up for a what-the-hell, yes-to-a-third-slice-of-pizza attitude.

So I was intrigued by the idea of ‘guided home-fasting’. I know. The F-word elicits all kinds of panic, plus instinctive carb front-loading. Hard enough to fast when there’s a doctor in a white coat wielding a BMI calculator, let alone when your family are stuffing themselves with chicken korma. My guru would be nutritionist and fasting expert Sonia Wisinger….


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